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Selected Writing

Selected Poems

An Ordinary Hour (Published Jan. 2023 in Hobart Pulp)

Angel Series (Published Nov. 2022 in Apocalypse Confidential)

Prometheus Bound (Published Aug. 2022 in River Heron Review)

Birdwatching (Published Jun. 2022 in Punk Noir)

Debutantes (Published Jun. 2022 in Neutral Spaces)

Whatever is Unsaid (Published Feb. 2022 in Juniper, best viewed in landscape mode)

Dental Work (Published Nov. 2021 in HAD)


Discourse as Home: An Analysis of WH Auden’s “In Praise of Limestone” (Published Mar. 2022 in Apocalypse Confidential)

Book Review, Fhilosofhy of the Encounter (Published Feb. 2021 in Vol. 1 Brooklyn)