Selected Writing


Dental Work (Published Nov. 2021 in HAD)

Double Life (Published Jul. 2021 in Expat Lit)

Chinese Box + Clocklight (Published Jul. 2021 in Apocalypse Confidential)

advice column (Published Jul. 2021 in Young Mag)

Wall Street, 2012 (Published Jul. 2021 in Rejection Letters)

A Daughter + A Lion (Published Jun. 2021 in Apocalypse Confidential)

Forgive Him + praise song (Published Jun. 2021 in Expat Lit)

poem for bob in lost in translation (Published Jun. 2021 in Misery Tourism)

After the Singularity, the Programmer Goes for a Walk (Published Jan. 2021 in Abyss & Apex)

oh the water + the bell-throat (Published Dec. 2020 in Expat Lit)

Divorce, as Discus (Published Oct. 2020 in Grimoire)

a witch named melancholia + The Mara (Published Sep. 2020 in Expat Lit)

Star Anise (Published Sep. 2020 in Sundog Lit)

Outsideness (Published Aug. 2020 in Misery Tourism)

lilacs (Published Aug. 2020 in Oddball Magazine)

The Suitor’s Sonnet (Published Jul. 2020 in Azure Bell)

Remind Me (Published Jul. 2020 in Misery Tourism)

My Friend Says (Published Jul. 2020 in Gyroscope Review, p. 15)

Goldenrod (Published Jun. 2020 in PANK Magazine)

blue light (Published Apr. 2020 in The Maynard)

Neighbor’s Boy + the griffin (Published Apr. 2020 in Rat’s Ass Review)

break fast (Published Mar. 2020 in Glass: A Journal of Poetry)

Nom et Nom (Published Jan. 2020 in Radar Poetry)

ednos (Published Dec. 2019 in Lunch Ticket)

The Pomegranate (Published Dec. 2018 in Red Wheelbarrow)


Book Review, Fhilosofhy of the Encounter (Published Feb. 2021 in Vol. 1 Brooklyn)

Children’s Book, Robby and the Ice Cream Truck (Self-published 2018)

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